We’re off . . .

Shoved off at 11 a.m. and roared down the bay with strong winds and rolling waves behind us. Wind was 18 to 25K, gusting to 32K. Boat was flying at 7.5 to 8.4K.

Thinking of anchoring in Solomons, but opted to duck into Cove Pt. With WNW winds, it was an adequate anchorage. Nice first night of our journey. — DJ

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One Response to We’re off . . .

  1. DAY 1
    Den’s apple cord fried, wait for store to open at10
    Djembe arrives
    Mck.helps with dinghy
    All is stowed, food in its place
    Shove off 11:00, heavy winds to 27
    Steady winds, brisk easy trip down bay
    Anchor off of cove point
    Dinner early, sun down, rather chilly: fried rice, fish, salad..
    Not even interested in a wine tonight.. Well, not just yet.


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