Day two – flying down the bay

Sunset at Mill Creek near Hampton, Va.

Sunset at Mill Creek near Hampton, Va.

Pulled up anchor at Cove Pt. at 6:30 a.m. in the dark. Wind howling and seas building. Anchor chain got wrapped around rope that was secure to the bottom. Had to cut it with a knife.

Got out to mid-bay and reefed main and jib. Winds were even stronger than yesterday — recorded gust to 34K.

It was also considerably colder. Wind chill had to be in the 30s. By 4 p.m., we were in the James River, and anchored on the north side near Fort Monroe. Very nice anchorage watching the cars disappear into the tunnel to Norfolk. — DJ

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One Response to Day two – flying down the bay

  1. DAY2
    Arise before daybreak, a submerged line gets tangled around anchor..with flashlight and my bread knife, being the most accessible, den cuts line in two places..we spin around and head out..
    Winds, seas truly
    20k, set our course, tide against us for a few hours, gusts to 26
    We pass music stand, point no point, wide mouth of potomac…8′ rollers and steady 24k take us briskly passed smith, windmill, stingray, wolf trap, mobjack, york!! Wow, are we flyin’ or what!! Anchor in a spacious area in hampton….12 hours of sailing…
    Oh, BTW, stove does not work so for breakfast we had a cold piece of fish from night before, smoked gouda, apple, saltine crackers cold coffee..
    For lunch: flavor pack from ramen noodles dissolved in hot tap water..yum, yum….and, pistachios, and water, water, water…
    Actually we weren’t hungry for much else.
    Dinner tonight, we had grilled tuna, small taties, salad with wasabi dressing, and several glasses of wine..fell into bed around 10:30…warm, cozy sleep.


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