Norfolk and MM 1

Always a treat to sail down the Elizabeth River passing the huge Navy ships and then seeing the other shipyards, passing Nauticus, Waterside and Portsmouth. It’s nice to know when you’re finally headed south by passing ICW Mile Maker #1. Only about 1,000 miles to go.

Deep-Creek-lock-mapBack in 2007 on our first sail south it seemed there were a half dozen bridges that had to be raised in the Norfolk area. Today there is only one — Gilmerton Bridge. We waited a half hour and transited through, look a right and headed down the creek to spend the night at the Deep Creek Lock to be ready to go through during the first opening. — DJ

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One Response to Norfolk and MM 1

  1. DAY3
    Stove still does not work, den will fix when he gets a chance, so i grilled fauxage and bread, which got a little burnt, and put the iron skillet on grill for scrambled eggs..also heated water for coffee, so at least it was a little hotter that yesterday…
    Den’s working, i straightened up inside, a truly crumby floor from a few days of use and neglect and too many cracker runs..
    Nice to NOT HAVE AN AGENDA..
    Checked bridge opening times, so we will head out sometime this afternoon and anchor near entrance of swamp for an early a.m.opening.


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