Elizabeth City



Known as the harbor of hospitality, everyone we met here is friendly and charming. Not much to do, but we decided to hang out for a few days while rain, wind and cold pass.

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One Response to Elizabeth City

  1. DAY5
    Rain cold and quite windy today..showered which is a long process without a proper shower installed..damn cold as a matter of fact, washed hair in ice cold water, and used hot water from faucet for the rest..awkward but feel a lot better even though hair looks like a cabbage patch doll…..
    Remade much needed bed, organized stuff, took a walk into town..very desolate, few places open, lots of pubs though….
    Hanging out here for probably another day, see what weather will do..no need to take off in the cold..need to be at whittakers in oriental by sunday…
    Hope to see jan and tom soon


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