The Great Dismal Swamp Canal

Beautiful bright day the transit this lovely waterway. Got in the lock for the first opening at 8:30 a.m. with several other boats. Lock tender was a fun guy who was helpful with our lines. As we were waiting for the water to equalize, he bought out a pot of coffee and pastries. Southern hospitality at its finest.

Elizabeth-City-mapThe canal, as before, was quite nice. We had contemplated stopping for the night at the visitors center with a couple of other boats we met along the way, but the afternoon was so nice, we decided to go the 18 miles and stay at Elizabeth City for that night or two.

Pulled into EC at the bulkhead by one of the parks. Nice spot. Went to dinner at Cypress Grill. Wasn’t as good as we remembered the last time we were here.

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One Response to The Great Dismal Swamp Canal

  1. DAY4
    Swamp day..3 other boats in locks with us..larry the lockguy passed out coffee and doughnuts to all of us
    Underway…inky dark still water, reflections are stunning..i never tire of the swamp..and appreciate the builders and its history…navigated the whole way while den worked…got into elizabeth city for the 5:30 city bridge opening..tied up on the city free bulk head along with 2 other boats….dinner at our much anticipated restaurant, the green cypress, but it was dissappointing..not like the first time we ate there..soggy scallops, frozen calamari..salad and beans were good and ‘crazy horse’ cab wine.


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