Alligator River and the other canal

Left Elizabeth City around 8 a.m. for a long leg south with bright skies and a fresh breeze to the beam. Pasquotank River is nice and wide, but crab pots everywhere made it challenging to navigate. Wind picked up crossing the Albermarle Sound, but remnant crab pots still keep us on edge. Also lost Internet and cell service at the beginning of the crossing and didn’t get it back until the next day. Thanks, Verizon.

Sunset in the Alligator River/Pungo River Canal

Sunset in the Alligator River/Pungo River Canal

Nice transit down the Alligator River and to the Alligator River/Pungo River Canal. I like this one even better than Dismal Swamp. Scenery is more varied and the canal is wider. Saw young deer on the shoreline, and at dusk, thousands of small bats gathered at mid-canal to feed. Sunset was spectacular.

Along the way, we talked with a friend from EYC on her catamaran who was docked in the canal.

Anchored just beyond the canal on the right side for the night. — DJ

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2 Responses to Alligator River and the other canal

  1. DAY6thursday
    Chilly a.m., burned off by noon..gorgeous sunny windy day…went to Groupers pub for lunch..nice to not have to fix something..
    Good day in market for den, i walked around with my shuffle and loved hearing my uninterrupted music….wiped salt off from boat railings……found rocks to paint since i forgot to pack them aboard.
    Dinner in tonight..maybe a movie.


  2. DAY7 friday
    8:39am towards oriental…..albarmarle sound is shit, crabpots EVERYWHERE!!! Lots of energy just to be alert and watch for them, only going like 5.5….bridge tender at alligator river made us wait for ‘a group’ go through…so 1/2 hour in circles later, we wait for one other boat, then another wastes time putting their sails down and they go through…anyway, alligator river is an all day thing..we reach the pungo canal around3:30..only boat there.desolate, burnt trees, narrow channel, can’t appledorf here, submerged logs, geesh!!! However, towards the end we saw 4 deer in an abandon yard, and 2 others wading in the water looking for a place to get back on land..
    We pass a catamaran tied up to a dock at almost dusk..they hail us on radio and it’s none other than beth berry taking her cat south…what are the odds of that?????
    Got out of the canal and anchored around 7:30/dark, on the other side…
    So ready to rest!
    Quick dinner, wine, wine, wine, no internet so den has a snore fest for about 1/2hr, mckendre called to tell us about his ‘interview’ that went well..easy evening, but almost ready for bed.
    Heard from jenny today with an update from the keys..more fun that she imagined!!


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