Snowbirds once again


Heading due south.

Heading due south.

Boat projects completed!

Boat projects completed!

Said goodbye to many friends at a going away/birthday party last night. It was a blast living aboard in downtown Annapolis, but time to move on.

Completed all of our projects and shoved off at 7:45 am into a bright and cool morning. Put up enclosure and stayed toasty most of the day. Winds were 10 to 15 from the south.

Sunset on the Wicomico River in Virginia.

Sunset on the Wicomico River in Virginia.

Did 77 miles in 11 hours. Helped that the bottom was just cleaned. Got into an anchorage at 6:45 pm just as it was getting dark. This is a dangerous place to sail at night — fish ponds everywhere.

Anchored in Mill Creek off the Wicomico River, just south of Reedville. A good first day in what likely will be a two-week journey to Ft. Laudersale.

Nice to be cruising again.    —dj


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One Response to Snowbirds once again

  1. SpikeTrader says:

    2550 engine hours; water temp 63.5F


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