About the boat

About-the-boatDelta Blues is a 2001 Island Packet 380. The model was named Cruising World’s Boat of the Year in 1999. This particular vessel has a storied and nearly tragic history. In 2005 she was berthed in Gulfport, Miss. during Hurricane Katrina and sustained heavy damage to the rigging and deck hardware, particularly all the stanctions and bow rail. The hull was moderately damaged, but she was structurally sound. The boat was towed to an Island Packet dealer in Mobile, Ala. and put on the market.

We bought her after hiring a surveyor with experience examining storm-damaged vessels and had her trucked to Annapolis. It took more than six months to bring her back with much sweat equity and tender loving care. She was re-christened “Delta Blues” as a tribute to her time in Mississippi as well as the fact that her hull was changed from IP creme color to dark blue.

Since that time she has been sailed extensively in the Chesapeake Bay and twice to the Bahamas. This is her third trip south.


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