About us

Just another sailing blog by a couple from Annapolis, Md. taking their boat south for the winter (and maybe longer). For the amusement of our friends and family, and for us to look back on and relive the great memories of the times and places floating down the ICW and beyond.

3 Responses to About us

  1. Marvin Cook says:

    saw your post about 30 days in the Bahamas on CF – Berry Islands, Nassau, Exuma, Abaco? Sounds great. Don’t want to trouble you about a lot of details, but were you constantly on the move? I’m curious about your route and don’t see it on this great blog. Thanks. Marvin Cook – Bay Breeze.


    • Amelia Live says:

      Marvin – Thanks for visiting my out of date blog. We actually had planned to cross to Bimini and then head to Georgetown for a month. However, a fierce nor’easterly set in for about 9 days and we had to scrap those plans.

      We sailed from Bimini to Warderwick Wells as a stopover to get to Georgetown. Most people don’t sail overnight in the Tongue of the Ocean, but we had great weather for it.

      We stayed in Warderick Wells for two days when the 25 to 30K NE winds hit and then stayed another two days. Tried to sail south, but gave up. Seas too big. So we went north.

      Spent a night in Highborne Cay and then took refuge in Nassau for three days. Nassau is fine, but not our idea of cruising so we took off again even in rough seas and made it to The Berries. Got into Hoffman’s Cay, which we can only get into at high tide. It’s a beautiful place. Never been there before. Spent three days there. Then swung over to Great Harbor Cay in the northern Berries. Also a beautiful place. Winds had started to come down enough by then to anchor there.

      After a couple of days, we headed to our favorite stop in Freeport for three days. By then a window looked like it would be open to head home. Even though we had planned to stay in the Bahamas a week longer, we took the window. Headed to West End for an overnight and to fuel up. 39 hours later we got home at Fernandina Beach, about the same time tornados devastated nearby southern Georgia. Don’t think there was a window since to cross.

      So I guess the lesson is you have to be flexible in your travels in the Bahamas this time of year.

      – Dennis Jay


  2. Marvin Cook says:

    Thanks for the summary – looks like a great itinerary (and adaptation). Also plenty of wind!


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